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This performance in celebration of the John Cage centenary pays homage to Cage’s liberating influence and, in particular, to Cage’s scores that are not pieces in the usual sense of the word, but rather scores that are open invitations to create anew, while providing the thoughtful means for doing that. Jessika Kenney presents FONTANA RADIF, a realization of the Persian Radif based on Cage's Fontana Mix (1958); Jarrad PowellBeth Graczyk, and Robert Campbell collaborate on a performance of Cage's STEPS: A Composition for a Painting, to be performed by individuals or groups (1989). Powell has received permission from Ray Kass and the Mountain Lake Workshop to present this unpublished and rarely performed work by Cage that results in the creation of an original painting. - Wayward Music Series at the Chapel Performance Space, Seattle. // details







Jessika Kenney & Eyvind Kang "Aestuarium"

1/2/2012 Worm, Rotterdam (Netherland)

2/2/2012 Smart Project Space, Amsterdam (Netherland)

3/2/2012 Bolonia (Italy)

4/2/2012 Café Oto, Londres (Great Britain)

5/2/2012 Arco y Flecha en el Círcol Maldà, Barcelona (Spain)  

8/2/2012 Arkaoda, Istanbul, (Turkey)

9/2/2012 Atelier, Frankfurt(Germany)




Jarrad Powell: Instrumental & Vocal Music

at the Chapel Performance space in  the Good Shepherd Center

Wallingford, Seattle



8:00 PM; $5 - $15 sliding scale suggested donation at the door (cash/checks only). 


Acoustic chamber music by beloved Seattle composer Jarrad Powell, accompanied by a host of outstanding Northwest musicians. Vocal works will feature Jessika Kenney and include three premieres. Powell’s collaboration with Kenney extends over many years and has produced a large body of unique vocal music that defies stylistic categories. Also on the concert will be instrumental pieces, including works for solo alto flute, solo piano, piano and vibraphone, and string trio. Featured musicians include Paul Taub, flute, Matthew Kocmieroski, percussion, Adrienne Varner, piano, Jamie Maschler, accordion, and Brad Hawkins, cello. Also featured will be the premiere of a new work for voice with chamber gamelan, featuring Jesse Snyder, rebab, and Stephanie Helm, gender. 

Mataram, Lombok, July 2011;



May 1, 2011
Noon – 10 pm/$5

For our second annual May Day! May Day! marathon, a 10-hour performer- and composer-driven celebration of contemporary music, artistic director/producer Paul Taub is joined by three new curators—eclectic composer and pianist Wayne Horvitz; pianist Cristina Valdes, whose work is a rich marriage of "uptown," and "downtown" sensibilities; and Jarrad Powell, composer and artistic director of Gamelan Pacifica—all local musicianswho performed in 2010's marathon. With new and familiar composers in new format, amny world premieres, and an emphasis on electronics and improvisation, the marathon features 25 sets by local ensembles and soloists.

Tickets are $5 at www.brownpapertickets.com, 800/838-3006, or at the door; one ticket allows re-entry throughout the day.

5:36  Scrape (an original music string orchestra) ( music by Jim Knapp and Eyvind Kang)

7:12   Eyvind Kang/Jessika Kenney  - three new works for voice and viola

9:12   Chrysalis  -  a vocal collective singing works by Hanna Benn, Jeff Bryant, Whitney Lyman, and JK